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Multiple Shipping Feature

What it is
Our website now allows you to take care of all your gift giving in a single checkout. Please verify that all shipping addresses are complete, correct, and up-to-date. Remember to include any Apartment, Building, Suite, Room, or Floor numbers.

Why do I need it?
Use our multiple ship-to capability to send gifts to different addresses, whether you're sending the same gift to everybody or different gifts to each address.

How it works
On every product page, you will see a choice of where you want to ship this product to. You can choose Myself, which is the Default location. You can also choose Other.

If you choose Other, you will be asked to enter a "nickname" for this shipment, and then you can add the item to your shopping cart.

Multiple Quantities Of Same Product
To Others: If you’re ordering multiple pieces and want each to ship to a different address, you need to place one at a time into the cart, while choosing to ship to "Other" and you will be prompted to give the shipping details as you proceed with your order.
To Myself: If you are ordering multiple pieces to yourself, just put in the amount in the quantity button and choose "Myself" for shipping option.

Complete your order
Once you place this into your cart and choose a nickname for each shipment address, you can continue shopping for your next recipient or go to final checkout if you are done with your order. You will be prompted to provide full shipping details for each individual address before final checkout.