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Zichron Shlome Refuah Fund

Please read on to understand the value of this outstanding organization:

At seventeen, most men are looking to a bright and wonderful future. But Shlome Ziegler was fighting for his life. In Elul of 1987, after a difficult three year battle with leukemia, Shlome was tragically niftar at the prime of his life. But, this extraordinary young man was wise beyond his years. Several weeks before his petira, he confronted his father with one simple request. “Tatty, do something in my name. Remember me always.”

And so was born Zichron Shlome Refuah Fund. The Zieglers are well aware of the overwhelming hardship that a family endures when stricken with a deadly disease. They created Zichron Shlome to help ease the burden and alleviate the pain. This is an organization dedicated to helping families who suffer from acute medical crisis, providing transportation, domestic assistance, financial aid, medical consultation, and a compassionate ear to those who are confused and terrified as they battle a devastating disease. The organization's focus is restorative; to ease the burden and alleviate the pain.

Zichron Shlome Refuah Fund is very much like the eye of a storm. In the middle of ferocious tempest gales there is an island of peace and tranquility. It is, of course, just a momentary respite, but that little island of peace gives one a chance to breathe, and to get a break the monotony of pain.

For more information, please visit their site at www.zsrf.org

To donate to this wonderful cause, please call (718) GET-WELL
or send your donations to:
Zichron Shlome Refuah Fund
1319 51 Street
Brooklyn, NY 11219